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    looking for any resources, literature, powerpoints, handouts and competency assessments for medical gas training… can we share????
    email paul.lee@namdet.org if you can..



    Hi Paul

    I’ve emailed you some materials from my Medical Gases Safety training and I’m happy for you to share this as you see fit




    Hi Paul i have sent you what i currently deliver, hope you find it ok, we are looking at revamping after we attend the instructor training in May and link in with the clinical skill also.




    I’ve been searching for ages today to try to find the coroners report relating to incidents involving oxygen. The speaker Ana Samuel used two within her presentation at the conference, one being Simon Harper which there was a slide she also mentioned another incident but I can not find it.

    can anyone remember or can I ask that Namdet contacts her to ask the other report, as I feel using these within teaching could be so powerful.

    any help is great, thanks




    Please can ask what your organisations teach regarding emergency oxygen cylinders. Currently staff are being asked to check the function of the devices (to ensure that they are in good working order) daily, however some teams are requesting to do this weekly?
    If you are checking function how often are you doing this?
    the Resuscitation Council guides that:-
    -Staff should be trained to use the available equipment according to their expected roles.
    -A reliable system of equipment checks and replacement must be in place to ensure that equipment and drugs are always available for use in a cardiac arrest. The frequency of checks should be determined locally.

    If we go to weekly checks in the community this would be reflected in our acute trust, its already been raised that there issues with staff not operating the cylinders correctly re the NHS improvement alert Jan. a decrease in checking makes me feel that we would not be exposing staff to handling the cylinders and with any equipment people can move the equipment so checking it daily would help manage this to ensure, any feedback is welcomed


    thanks Sheryle

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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