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    Chris Elston

    Morning Paul,

    You stated that you would be happy to share your training material. At present our IV study package is two days long and places a large burden on the wards to release their staff to undertake this now fundamental skill.

    I am looking at reducing the package to one day, which will necessitate a fair amount of pre-learning. Would you be willing to share any of your material with me?

    My e-mail is chris.elston@hhft.nhs.uk





    We use a software called eQuip from Ingtegra. They have presented at NAMDET meetings in the past. It doesn’t link directly into ESR but we can load staff lists from ESR into it and update it monthly with new starters, leavers and changes (i.e. change of name, job role etc) through importing the lists. It has a lot of functionalities and answers a lot of the problems I’ve had in the past though. We still record training for our bi-monthly core devices course in the Learning Management System managed by our training admin but it’s not easy pulling reports from that system to identify training gaps so we rely mainly on eQuip where we can run reports to see percentage compliance for individual staff, wards and divisions.


    Sam Gilmore

    Hi to all of you,

    I am currently looking for a database that can record competency of staff on a variety of medical devices. I need a system that links into ESR for live staffing data and also F2 which we use to record our devices. I am aware of MELVIS which would do both and provide me with the level of reporting I need but I want to see if there is anything else out there. We have self assessment competencies in place and we are looking at placing devices into risk catagories so this is something purely to record staff competency status. I currently use excel spread sheets and I’m up to 62 to the darn things at the moment and we rely on ward managers to inform us of staffing changes (which they rarely do) so what other things are out there?

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    Sam Gilmore

    Hi Marian,

    Is eQuip web based or is it something that has to be installed on all computers?



    Hi Marian
    We use the Equip system within Clinical Engineering at Portsmouth and are about to test it for competency recording. It would be nice to meet or speak with someone already using this to help us get ahead! If you are happy to contact me my email is: Sandra.hearn@porthosp.nhs.uk



    Hi Sam
    Here at Huddersfield we use a database designed specifically for the recording and reporting of medical device training.
    It was designed in-house by one of our IT support team and is constantly being upgraded and improved.
    We are currently in discussions with our ESR leads as to how we can update on a periodic basis the staff and their locations.
    With over 500 devices listed, last year we recorded over 26,000 training instances (1 instance = 1 person being trained on 1 device). The training records are inputted by ward staff or medical device link trainers and we provide monthly reports of compliance for all levels of management, including the hospital board.
    We also link it to medical device incidents where it is felt there is a training element involved.
    One of the potential difficulties with having a training database as part of an equipment asset management system is that it cannot (at least as far as I am aware) capture training for devices which are not located in particular area. E.g. Our high flow fluid warmer is located in theatres and theatre staff training is recorded as necessary, but it also moves to A&E and ICU for trauma – so their staff require training too. One device, one location (as far as Equip is concerned) but three sets of staff requiring records of training. With a dedicated training database you can assign devices to the areas they are used in and thus the training requirements.
    If you want more details you can contact me on Brian.Bottomley2@cht.nhs.uk or Jayne.Blakey@cht.nhs.uk



    In Nottingham we use the erostering system (Allocate) to record and track medical devices competency. The system allows notification to user (via a warning triangle) when their competency is due for re-assessment. I am also able to extract detailed reports on competencies and drill this down to the individual, clinical area or device.


    B. Deacon

    Several years ago we also looked at using ESR to record equipment training and competencies but as others have found due to number of devices and inability to link to other databases this was not possible. Next looked at possibility of buying ready-made solution ‘off the shelf’ but could not find anything to suit needs. We found the only solution would be an in-house design which working closely with IT Developer took approx. 18 months. It was launched in the Trust September 2015, unfortunately the IT Developer left the Trust around this time and now IT will only support with basic server level maintenance and as the system has grown further IT development would be useful. This system takes a staff link from ESR and also links equipment from the Medusa the Medical Equipment Services database. It is possible to fine tune to the individual staff role but it can take a lot of Admin support to maintain which has also been withdrawn.
    The system is a two stage competence of online self-assessment followed by assessed competence by department trainer/assessor. Notification of request for authorisation is an automated email process linked with the system. Each competence is time limited depending on device type and the system highlights three months prior to expiry. Electronic training resources, manuals etc are also available from this and training is advertised for availability and training attendance including ad-hoc training is recorded for staff records. The system is not perfect but it works.



    We have eQuip installed on computers in my department at the moment (Medical Engineering) but they also have a web browser access which I’m yet to work with IT to make available to the staff on the wards so they don’t rely on the trainers (2 of us) to run reports for them.



    Like others that have posted, at Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Trust(SaTH),We offered to link our records up to the ESR system in our trust but were informed that we had TOO MANY RECORDS for them to handle

    All training data is recorded on EXCEL but I am looking at the possibility of using RAM. This is the system that the Medical Engineering Department use as their quality management system.

    All competency training is self assessed.

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