MDSO survey about the PAQ (Deadline 7th June 2024)

Colleagues at NHS England are currently holding a consultation on the Pre-Acquisition Questionnaire (PAQ Form) for medical device purchases and would value your input.

For background, the PAQ form is completed by suppliers in order to provide information to an NHS organisation about medical devices. The current version (download below) is due to be revised by late October 2024, and NHSE are seeking feedback from subject matter experts like yourselves to help shape the revised version of the form.  

To assist, could you please review the current version of the PAQ form (attached) and return any comments and suggestions to Catherine Twomey at: by COP Friday 7th June. Feedback may include:

  • Any changes required.
  • Anything no longer relevant that should be omitted from the revised version.
  • Anything that should be added to the form, such as additional questions.
  • Alternatively, if you are satisfied with the current version of the form and do not think any changes are required, this is also useful feedback!
  • It has been suggested that a guidance document to accompany the form may be useful to help suppliers complete the form accurately and avoid questions being misinterpreted. There is also the possibility of including guidance within the PAQ form itself. Any thoughts on this and what this might include would also be very helpful.

Thank you for your participation.

Please note that we are sharing this purely as a means of cascading, and any queries or feedback related to the consultation should be shared with

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