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    Today’s post on the NAMDET website raises more concern about what people are doing about mix up of air and oxygen flowmeters. What do members do to address, can you share anything??

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    Our trust has a policy about only using air flowmeters for a specific patient for specific procedure, after that it is removed and retained at nurses station, Training also reinforces this. Also have recently been purchasing air flowmeters with lift up covers to reinforce the difference. Interestingly was training earlier this week and asked several nurses what percentage of O2 was in air – very few got it correct!! I haven’t heard of any outlet covers yet though. As for not been hidden by curtains, we still have a few ares with shared outlets between beds! Leave that one to estates.



    Hi, we have a policy currently of only ever having the air flowmeters in when giving a nebuliser and store centrally after, like above. However, human error means these get left in. Im currently compiling info for the board re other suggested option, ie the moveable flaps on flowmeters, removeable and fixed caps for wall outlets and electric nebulisers (compressors). There is not one perfect solution. The lift up flaps on the base of flowmeters arent ideal, Therapy Equipments catches on the dial and is £13 each, Oxylitres is cheaper but you can push the levers up ot of the way and they stick there hence loses its purpose. We need access to air outlets in many places as use the Optiflow everywhere. If you use the rempoveable caps, wont they just get lost really quickly, or left on the side? Compressor cut risk to zero but then have to buy, store in Equipmemnt Library and more maintenance for staff – we have no room and are short stafffed so also not ideal solution. On Facebook a good audit tool was mentioned for after, any info on this gratefully recieved and any other solutions also greatly received. The board decide on a plan in a week and I am pputting together all options. Thanks Tracey

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