Medical Device Education and Training for Healthcare Professionals

The National Association of Medical Device Educators and Trainers was established in 2011 in response to the requests of professionals working in this specialty, who had identified the need for a nationally recognised organisation, operating as a centre of expertise and excellence.

What we do

Our members include NHS staff, clinical educators, technicians, nurses, engineers, lecturers, scientists, company representatives, academia partners and regulators.

We are involved in every aspect of medical device training and help design, develop and deliver thousands of teaching sessions every year ranging from; face to face, on line-learning, lectures and seminars.

Our roles vary and can include teaching on basic temperature measuring devices, suction units, infusion devices, oxygen therapy, beds, cardiac monitors through to life saving ventilators and anaesthetic machines.

Our members are also busy helping to plan and lead many local and national projects including;

  • The MDSO (Medical Device Safety Officer) network in the UK
  • Member of the NHS National Patient Safety Response and Advisory Panel (NatRAP) that help review and develop national patient safety alerts
  • The Editorial Board for the MDSO network that help plan and deliver monthly webex and update meetings about medical device safety and training

Our current projects include work on DERS (Dose Error Reduction Systems) for infusion devices and Medical Gas safety.

NAMDET also leads the development of the Medical Devices training modules on the NHS national E Learning for Health (eLfH) training website, that currently has over 1 million subscribers in the UK.

What we have to offer

Membership is free and all we ask is that you get involved, support each other, share your experiences and help promote medical device education and training.

Please take time to check ‘Our Team’ and make contact with your regional chair and secretary.

If you don’t have an established regional group yet, then ‘contact us‘ via the website and we can help put you in touch with colleagues and set up a new regional group for you.

  • We have a number of regional groups that you can join for free
  • Our MDET journal
  • Regular meetings (virtual and face to face).

We also hold a national conference every November where we meet up with our colleagues and share ‘what’s new’ and link in with regulators and our industry partners.

NAMDET History

In 2006, The Department of Health (DoH) were all too aware of the exponential growth of technologies in health, and to this end formed Training for Innovation (TFI) with a view to help close the gap between medical device technology and the end-user, whether it is a nurse, healthcare professional, patient or carer.

“For new medical technologies, we will simplify the pathway by which they pass from development into wider use, and develop ways to benchmark and monitor uptake and training needs to enable staff to respond more effectively and flexibly to this dynamic environment…”

Professor the Lord Darzi, Training for Innovation founding chairman

In 2011, TFI handed over the management to a new, not-for-profit association and the National Association of Medical Device Educators and Trainers was formed (NAMDET). The aim was to take up the challenge and maintain the momentum that had already started. A steering group was established in 2011 and this was quickly followed in 2012 by a new management group whose focus was to set up the new association and build a business model that would ensure NAMDET was officially registered in the UK.

NAMDET’s mission statement clearly sets outs its aims and aspirations and, to ensure transparency surrounding its business transactions and relationships with manufacturers.

MDET Journal, June 2021 available to share

NAMDET are pleased to share the latest edition of our journal MDET, for June 2021. Content includes articles on surgical plume, new standards for beds…

NAMDET’s first ever Bursary Awarded

The NAMDET Board are pleased to announce the we have awarded our first ever Bursary award to member Steve Veck for help in the production…

EBME Expo June 30th to July 1st

We are pleased to  announce that registration for this year’s EBME Expo is now open. This years event will take place on the 30th June – 1st…

Next Generation Oxygen Cylinder Valves

Colleagues at Linde and its subsidiaries are investigating improvements they could make to mobile oxygen cylinders equipped with pressure regulators and we would really value…

Upcoming Events

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BSI/AAMI Conference on International Standards and Regulation

This is a wide-ranging free online event held over two consecutive afternoons during which invited healthcare subject experts, regulators, medical device manufacturers and standards-makers share their knowledge, insights and perspectives on the key issues affecting the medical device sector now and in the next couple of years. This year’s conference will continue our emphasis on …

BSI/AAMI Conference on International Standards and Regulation Read More »

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EBME Expo 2 day event: 30th June to 1st July

The EBME Expo is an independent educational event bringing together healthcare professionals who are responsible for the management of medical equipment. These medical equipment healthcare professionals are involved in areas such as procurement, maintenance, user training, and managing inventories. Follow this link for event information

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MDSO Webex ; MDIS and Implants

The next Medical Device Safety Officer (MDSO) Webex from the team at MHRA will have an update of MDIS (Medical Device Information System) from NHS Digital and an open mic session on 'Implants' Please prepare your open mic question in advance. The usual will also be covered including; updates form the team at MHRA, NHSE …

MDSO Webex ; MDIS and Implants Read More »

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National MDSO Conference (Virtual)

Colleagues at the MHRA, NHSE and NHSI are planning the annual Conference for Medical Device Safety Officers (MDSO) for Monday 19th July 2021. Invited speakers will focus on patient safety and medical devices issues. Please follow this link to book a place  

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NPAG Clinical Engineering Conference

National Performance Advisory Group (NPAG) are holding their Clinical Engineering Conference in the Midlands on 14th September 2021. See the NPAG newsletter (follow this link) for themes and content and for conference details please email

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HSIB webinar: Healthcare Safety Investigations

The Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch (HSIB) would like you to join them for their second Healthcare Safety Investigations Conference this September. We have an exciting programme lined up. This year we will: share the learning from our investigations, and the positive impact that recommendations have been having on healthcare and patient safety across the country …

HSIB webinar: Healthcare Safety Investigations Read More »

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MPEC Conference (virtual)

NAMDET's colleagues at IPEM (Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine) are delighted to announce that the annual MPEC 2021 will again be held online from the 21st- 23rd September 2021. The event with the theme 'Breaking Through Barriers' will showcase all the best science and learning within the field, as well as offer opportunities …

MPEC Conference (virtual) Read More »

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NAMDET Annual Conference (Virtual) Nov 11th 2021

NAMDET are pleased to announce that we are partnering with Olympus Medical and their 'virtual hub' to host our annual conference for 2021. The Conference team are meeting to discuss the main themes, invited speaker list and keynote speaker. Please reserve this date in your diary . More information to follow.....

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