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Here’s a copy of the June 2020 NAMDET NEWS. From time to time we may need to update you on new issues, articles of interest and use a simple e-newsletter format to share. Please feel free to share this edition that includes an update on conference 2020, reports from regions, advance notification about the MDSO webex this week (July 1st 1-2 pm) and opportunities for industry to publish in the next edition of the MDET journal. NAMDET NEWS can be downloaded, printed out and forwarded to colleagues in the medical devices and training field.




Sep 19, 2020

Patient Safety Alert:foreign body aspiration during intubation and ventilation

The National Patient Safety Alert on the risk of foreign body aspiration during intubation, advanced... [read more]

Sep 18, 2020

T34 battery (Field Safety Notice) from CME/BD Ltd.

CME / BD Ltd. have issued a new Field Safety Notice (FSN) to all users... [read more]

Sep 03, 2020

T34 syringe driver battery performance: survey results

NAMDET's Chairman (Paul Lee)  presented the survey results and feedback on battery performance in T34... [read more]

Aug 22, 2020

Detaching and disengaging Schrader valves !

Our colleagues at NHSI have been made aware of a small number of incidents reported... [read more]

Aug 21, 2020

MDSO webex 2nd Sept at 1pm

This month's MDSO webex in the UK will include the NAMDET T34 battery performance survey,... [read more]

Aug 15, 2020

70% or more… where does that come from?

NAMDET members are discussing the age old 'targets for training compliance' and the figures of... [read more]