MDSO webex 2nd Sept at 1pm

This month’s MDSO webex in the UK will include the NAMDET T34 battery performance survey, where we’ve received responses from over 60 NHS Trusts and organisations across the UK.

Heres the current agenda: (may change)

  1. What’s new – MHRA,NHSI/E and NAMDET
  2. Emollients and fire risk – Fire Brigade and MHRA
  3. MHRA guidance on thermal scanners and Covid-19 – MHRA
  4. Challenges of using infrared thermometers for public health – CCCT Working Group on non-contact thermometry

Please make sure you have registered your place (This event is only for Medical Device Safety Officers, or those registered with the MHRA.)

The T34 battery performance report is now available on the MDSO ‘forums’ page, and you may wish to peruse before the webex.

The webex will be recoded (and can be visited after the meeting), and also the NAMDET T34 report will be posted to all NAMDET members after the meeting.




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