T34 battery performance survey results

NAMDET’s survey results on battery performance in T34 syringe drivers across the UK are in.

The collated results have been shared (as previously agreed) via the NHS: MDSO forum page and all Medical Device Safety Officers, and those registered, can access using their login details. Over 60 NHS establishments reported their issues around 9 volt batteries failing prematurely. There were no reports of any issues with the T34 syringe drivers themselves, and issues point to a large number of incidents, reports from end users and frustration around having to change batteries within a few hours, instead of days.

The feedback itemises the main batteries that are casing issues, which versions seem to be affected, the average time for failure and the affect on patent care and well being. The presentation is available to download and will also be presented live (with an opportunity for Q&A) at Septembers MDSO webex.


The presentation will then be made available to all NAMDET members after the September (2nd) MDSO webex meeting.

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