Namdet & MHRA Roadshow 2014

NAMDET & MHRA joint event in Wales 2014

In collaboration with NAMDET; Catriona Blake and the team from the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA) came to Wales in July 2014 to present their latest roadshow to a packed lecture theatre at Princess of Wales Hospital in Bridgend,

The presentations touched on incident reporting, issues of concern and current treds.. Current medcial device incidents were also shared. The new Medical Device Management publication (2014) that replaces the old DB2006 was also dicussed, and those that attended had plenty of opportunity to ask questiosn and gauge the current position from the regulatory agency in the UK


All presentations are available for viewing by following these links;

MHRA_incidents now and the future

MHRA _CE Marking

MHRA_Managing_Medical Devices

MHRA_IVD and point of care

MHRA_Incident reporting


If you would like NAMDET/MHRA to attend your regional meeting then please contact:


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