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    B. Deacon

    Hi All

    We are more than 4 months since Paul started this Forum Topic and as a Trust we are still struggling with thermometers. We have standardised for sometime on the Pro6000’s and like all struggled to get stocks and still can’t seem to get them. We purchased some Genius 3’s (although expensive) but they seemed fail at same rate as the Pro6000’s, 0.6+ variance to the Pro6000 and staff do not like them to use, uncomfortable to hold and and uncomfortable for patient. My EMBE Colleagues struggled with calibration on the Genius 3 as well, so how do we give confidence when we don’t have much ourselves. Our eObs process relies on the obs being sent via the VSM direct which without thermometer is proving very challenging.

    Hillrom defends the Pro6000, blaming our cleaning product is killing them. we lose them quickly or fail even faster.

    Anyone found a solution yet, received some Pro6000’s or another reliable product?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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