Medical devices sterilised by Steril Milano; 88 companies known to be involved

The MHRA has been advised of 88 medical device manufacturers for whom Steril Milano provided sterilisation services.  Additional companies, that are part of the supply chain for the affected manufacturers, have also been identified. However, for the majority of devices the risk to patients is low. The MHRA is not aware of adverse incidents reported …

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The importance of flushing IV lines and its associated risks

Our colleagues at NIVAS (National Infusion and Vascular Access Society) have shared their latest guidance on line flushing for IV administration and raise a number of important risks for all staff involved in the use of infusion pumps, IV bolus and gravity infusions. There is also the potential risk of bolus effect or incompatibilities with the residual medicine in infusion set, if the same set is subsequently used to administer other infusions. In the first instance infusion sets should NOT be continuously used for the administration of different medicine solutions, a new infusion set should be used for each new medicine. Infusion sets can be used continuously for fluid infusions such as sodium chloride 0.9% in line with local policy.

To avoid unintended bolus/push administration of medicine from the dead space in an infusion set, care should be taken to ensure the rate of administration of a flush or subsequent infusion is the same as the rate of administration of the medicine. An incident reported to the NRLS describes an infusion of potassium chloride in sodium chloride 0.9% that was changed for a bag of Hartmann’s solution. Because the Hartmann’s solution was infused faster than the potassium chloride infusion it replaced, the patient received an unintended push of the residual potassium solution.

NAMDET Newsletter March 2021

NAMDET have produced a Newsletter to share with members about upcoming events, news and items of interest. Please feel free to share the link and you can also download your own PDF copy, share and print them too. Link to Newsletter March 2021 (via FlipSnack)

Managing Medical Devices: MHRA 2021

Our colleagues at the MHRA have issued a 2021 updated version of their document on Managing Medical Devices. This latest updated replaces the November 2020 version ,and the original issued back in April 2015. The main topics cover the life-cycle management of medical devices:• management of medical devices• acquiring appropriate devices• training• maintenance and repair• …

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NAMDET Bursary 2021

NAMDET has opened applications for this year’s bursary award scheme. Two awards will be made (Each up to £500) and can be used for education and training initiatives including but not limited to; course fees, attendance at events, innovation and or design of new training initiatives. The bursaries are open to ALL NAMDET members (NHS, …

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